Review 001: John B. Stetson Bourbon

Photo Feb 20, 6 00 32 PMJohn B. Stetson Bourbon  |  42% ABV  |  $25

Stetson bourbon is owned by New Jersey based Vision Wine & Spirits and named after American western-wear fashion brand, Stetson. It utilizes a four grain mash bill, as opposed to the traditional three grain, which includes the use of both rye and wheat. The whiskey is double pot-stilled using tradition copper pot stills. No age statement is given but its aged for roughly around four years. At 84 proof and around $25 it is intended to compete with other entry level ‘starter’ bourbons. So how does it fare?

Appearance: A light golden amber color with thin quick legs

Nose: A very fruity nose. Apples are big on the nose with some pear. Dried fruits like raisins are present along with light hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and tamarind.

Palate: You get a quick wave of sweet and heat from the alcohol on first entry. The wheat enters mid palate and ends with a rather nice finish of rye. All in all a very good taste. A little thin on the mouthfeel but nothing really to complain about. The finish is rather quick but we get a nice spice to round out the sweetness.

Overall: A well made whiskey and considering the price can make for a good daily sipper. The four grains hold well together without one overpowering the other. While not overly complex this is definitely a starter whiskey but a good one.  At this price or if it is on sale I would definitely recommend.

Rating: 84 / * * *S

Photo Feb 21, 1 37 38 PM


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