Review 005: Very Old Barton bonded

VeryOldBartonBIBVery Old Barton – Bonded  |  50% ABV  |  $13

Very Old Barton is made at the Tom Moore Distillery (which was recently purchased by the Sazerac Company) in Bardstown, Kentucky. The VOB brand comes in wide range of proofs starting with 80, 86, 90 and this one, like all bonded whiskey, 100 proof. Even though we are in an era of producers choosing to go with ‘No Age Statement’ whiskeys it’s nice to see VOB proudly labeled as 6 year-old bourbon. It’s also relatively cheap selling for sub $15 around my area. Whisky Advocate even named it there value pick whiskey back in 2011. Now to the review.

Appearance: deep amber with thick slow-moving legs

Nose: The rush of alcohol fills the nose at first but once you get past that you get hit with classic bourbon notes. A lot of corn and considering it’s mash bill it’s no surprise. Vanilla and caramel begin to show along with some dried fruit notes and some mint as well. The familiar smell of oak is also present. A very classic bourbon scent on this one

Palate: Going by the nose we know we are in store for a good dose of corn on the palate which VOB deliver’s by the bushel. There is some good amount of heat on this too but nothing barrel proof fans will complain about. You also get flavors of caramel and an unexpected dose of rye as well on the back-end, which is nice. A medium length, dry, oaky finish that fades and leaves us with sweet vanilla helps round out this fine pour.

Overall: It may not be an earth shattering experience but going for under $15 I don’t think anyone expects it to be. What it is though, is a solid bourbon. Classic flavors and a good kick of alcohol make this a good bourbon at a great price. While not the most complex whiskey you’ll find the profiles that are present are well put together. I don’t know if I would consider this my value pick whiskey but you definitely can’t go wrong with this one, especially at this price.

Rating: 83 / * * *S



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