Review 009: Wild Turkey 101

WildTurkeyWild Turkey 101  |  50.5% ABV  |  $22

It’s been about a week since I’ve posted on here but I’ve managed to do a few tasting since then and today I’m reviewing the very popular Wild Turkey. The brand was created in 1940 and is produced in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky at the Wild Turkey Distillery. Wild Turkey is brand popular to many bourbon drinkers and like Maker’s or Jack Daniel’s it definitely has a following of devoted fans. The brand offers various expressions: an 81 proof bourbon, Rare Breed which is a barrel proof and contains 6, 8 and 12 year old bourbon, Kentucky Spirit is a single barrel bourbon at 101 proof and the standard 101. They also produce the Russell’s Reserve brand and have an 81 and 101 Wild Turkey rye. For today’s review we’ll be looking at the standard 101

Appearance: Medium amber with slow-moving legs

Nose: I pick up on the sweet notes right away. Big vanilla, honey, corn and some banana. But it’s not all sweet there is a definite spiciness to this bouquet. The rye is meshed in there nicely. It’s rounded out perfectly with a distinct oak scent that really completes this bouquet. Even at 101 proof there isn’t a hint of alcohol to this.

Palate: The rye shines through brightly along with some cinnamon and other peppery notes. Towards the back the oak is integrated nicely and again not a whole lot of punch from the alcohol. Very nice mouth feel and a moderate finish that leaves behind hints of corn, oak and those peppery spice notes. Those sweeter notes present in the nose never quite make past the spicy onslaught.

Overall: I didn’t know what to expect with this one as I am not what you call a ‘Wild Turkey Guy’ but overall I was impressed. The nose is excellent and the palate is a spicy wonderland. Its oak presence is not overbearing and rounds out the overall palate really well. My only comment would be I’d like to see it a little bolder a little more intense. But besides that I’d say if you’re a rye fan or like your bourbon a little spicier then I would recommend this.

Rating: 87 / * * * *



One response to “Review 009: Wild Turkey 101

  1. I’ve tried many Wild Turkey products except this one on account of not enjoying any of the ones I’ve tried. But, if you say a rye drinker, then I will certainly give it a try. Thank you for the review.

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