Review 016: Old Medley 12 Year Old

Old MedleyOld Medley 12 Year Old  |  43.4% ABV  |  $50

For this review I’ll be looking at the recently released Old Medley bourbon. Old Medley is a straight bourbon and is a 12-year-old expression of the Wathen’s bourbon which a No Age Statement bourbon. Wathen’s is a 94 proof bourbon but for the Old Medley expression the whiskey was watered down to 86.8 proof. While the bottle is labeled with the Charles Medley Distillery name it is actually a sourced whiskey and the Charles Medley Distillery, which is owned by Angostura, was shut down years ago. Again another form of confusing labeling on the part of the American whiskey industry but anyways on to the review.

Appearance: Medium amber with thin slow-moving legs

Nose: Surprisingly sweet aromas coming from this bouquet. Vanilla, caramel, maple syrup and some nice chocolate covered cherry notes hit first. Some roasted coffee beans and banana aromas are mixed in there too. The rye becomes present with some aeration. Cinnamon and some light licorice notes also begin to show. Getting a lot of fumes from the alcohol too, which I didn’t expect, and some light hints of oak, leather and mint .

Palate: The caramel-chocolate combo arrive on the front entry, almost reminds me of Milk Duds. The spice of the rye takes over mid palate but doesn’t overpower the original sweetness. Some cinnamon notes help add to the spice kick. Towards the back we get a rush of sweet flavors; vanilla, butterscotch and cherry. The finish is moderate in length and leaves behind notes of vanilla, cocoa, light rye and toasted oak. Very nice and the mouthfeel is fairly full-bodied.

Overall: I didn’t know what to expect with this. Sourced whiskies are always a gamble especially when they don’t tell you where they sourced it from but I found this to be a good dram of bourbon. Not overly woodsy, considering it’s got a dozen years under its belt and some nice spice notes on the palate to keep it interesting. The bouquet layered with sweet aromas help add to the overall of this solid bourbon.

Rating 87 / * * * *

Old Medley glass


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