Whisk(e)y Detour


I will always look at bourbon as a comfort dram because like most here in the States, bourbon and rye was easily accessible and affordable so that is how I got introduced to the world of whiskey. But as my appreciation of whiskey grew it came to incorporate whiskies from all parts of the world. Expanding my palate to include various forms of whiskey has made my journey much more exciting and interesting. While this blog will continue to focus mainly on American whiskey from time to time I will be doing reviews of whiskies other than bourbon or rye. I plan on doing my next 5 reviews on single malt scotch and if scotch isn’t your thing, I’ll be back to bourbon and rye with some real gems. As for the scotches I’ll be reviewing 2 speysides, 2 highlands and 1 islay whisky. Stay tuned.


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